Chocolate Kisses: Easter Chocolate Ideas for Kids

In my post titled, Cupcake Kisses, I talked about how our darling Megan loves to give me a kiss on the cheeks after she’s done eating her cupcake icing. She loves to see the little icing lip prints on my cheeks. Well, the other day, she was eating, of all things appropriate for this post–a chocolate bunny. And well,  I noticed she was smiling and walking towards me with her chocolate covered lips–ready to give me a kiss. It was sticky but hey, this is all a part of parenthood, lol, it’s not a neat and squaky clean type of thing when you have small children.

She gave me her little angelic and sweet kiss on my right cheek, and then laughed with excitement at the little art work she left on my face.  

Easter chocolate ideas for kids, Easter ideas for kids


 Here are some creative and charming Easter Chocolate Ideas for Kids

Peep Pops

Graham crackers, sprinkles, dark chocolate, wax paper and lollipop sticks are some of the things you will need to make these impressive peep pops. View the complete recipe, stunning peep images and more details on this brilliant food blog titled,  Gimme Some Oven.

Easter peep pops
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Easter Chocolate Brownie Nests

Easter brownie nests

Easter Chocolate Birds’ Nest

birds nest

For this clever treat, dip strawberries in white chocolate that’s tinted with orange food coloring!

Chocolate Bunny and Strawberries-Lovely!


Image credits: Chocolate egg and chocolate, 123rf.com

5 Yummy Easter Bunny Food Ideas

According to some Easter reading/research I did, the origin of Easter centers around the fact that bunnies are extra fertile around Spring time and give birth to lots of baby bunnies. That is why Easter eggs are traditionally dyed bright, Spring colors.

I had a lot of pets growing up, but never a bunny. They seem like they are friendly and wonderful pets for children, and they definitely make beautiful, artistic subjects for a variety of creative ideas.

kids Easter bunny food ideas, kids Easter food ideas

Here are 5 Delicious Easter Bunny Food Ideas

Easter Bunny Lollipop

This charming little bunny-shaped treat consists of chocolate, marshmellows, rice crispy cereal…and a lot of excitement from any kid who will get to help make this clever and special Easter treat. The complete recipe with amazing photo tutorials can be found at: Nurture Store. 

Easter bunny lollipop
Friendly reminder: For more information on the bunny treats listed below, click on the image pin to visit Pinterest, which will lead you to the websites with more information.

Easter Bunny Marshmellow

Easter bunny marshmellow

Easter Bunny Cookies

Easter bunny cookies

Easter Bunny Sandwich

Easter bunny sandwich

Easter Bunny Brioche

Easter bunny brioche

Photo Credit: 123rf.com

Easter activities for kids

Early Childhood Easter Activities: Megan’s Easter 2013

This post was originally written last year. A look back at Easter 2013:

The spiritual significance of Easter is more apparent to adults in the earlier part of the day. As Easter Sunday goes on, it will be time to fill the day with childhood activities that add to the specialness of the day. Easter 2013 was overall, a lovely day. There were, of course some hectic moments at certain points, but the funny thing about looking back is that those memories fade away; and what I remember most is the sweetness, children’s laughter and excitement, and nice weather from that day. This was a year of Easter firsts: Meg’s first time dyeing eggs, her first time getting an Easter basket, and first time participating in an Easter egg hunt.

We also had a photo shoot with her in her Easter dress as she marveled over the pink Easter basket grass and a little bunny that came with her basket. One thing I like about Easter is that it still has a sense of old-time traditions. The PAAS egg coloring kit doesn’t look like it has changed much since I was a kid. And though this generation of kids don’t seem to get excited over certain simple things like we used to, it’s joyous to see them excited over some of the same things we used to love: coloring Easter eggs and hunting for Easter eggs.

kids dyeing Easter eggs, dyeing Easter eggs with kids, kids easter memories


We put together a backyard Easter egg hunt for the little ones in the family:

kids Easter egg hunt, kids easter memories


kids Easter basket, creative Easter ideas for kids, kids Easter memories


Image credit: Golden egg with red bow, 123rf.com

This Month in Little Pearl’s World

March is of course, a marvelous month because Megan’s birthday falls in this month. Another great thing about March is the weather. Usually, the weather is pleasant enough for us to enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities for her birthday. During her first birthday party, the party was held inside; however, the kids went to our complex’s playground and had a blast. Fast forward to two years later, it was very very cold on her actual birthday (March 7th); however, thankfully it warmed up beautifully the next day and everyone was able to enjoy outdoor activities.

So, here’s a quick look back at the month of March in Little Pearl’s World:

She turned…

kids birthday party candle, kids birthday party glitter ideas


…years old! And had a blast at her Doc McStuffins Birthday Party.

She still remembers and likes to mention when she had to blow out the candles:

kids birthday party cakes, birthday party cakes for kids, Doc McStuffins birthday cake

Make a Wish


The tulips are in bloom and decorate our downtown streets near the pier:

art for kids, flowers for kids, kids journals

Photo credit: 123rf.com

It finally warmed up enough for us to go back to our favorite, most special place in the world–our local pier:

art for kids, kids journals, childhood memories

And she enjoyed her first live show! It was a Disney Princess and Pirate ADventure. It was wonderful. Doc McStuffins was the pre-show entertainment. Two days later Megan is still everyone how she ‘went to the show and saw Doc McStuffins, Sophia and Jake and the Pirates.’